Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Get Those Size 13s Out of Your Mouth

Relevant links on the Kerry "Truth" about our Troops:

Mr. Kerry,

You are an arrogant SOB who has a disdain for the United States Military (by your actions after you came back from Vietnam and again now). Your comments about education level are a) not true and
b) could not be construed to be any sort of "joke" aimed at President Bush. You didn't even mention the president or the Iraq policy in that section of your comments...

I know that our military (and the American public) are both smart enough to discern your real meaning which is why I am not worried about losing the House or Senate. Democrats will hamstring our military and create another Vietnam. Americans will not do that a week from today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Rodney Tom

Press release just issued by the King County Republican Party in response to a complaint filed yesterday in Olympia.

Bellevue – King County Republican Party Chairman Michael Young released the
following statement today:

Yesterday a complaint was filed with the Legislative Ethics Board in
Olympia alleging that Rep. Rodney Tom requested and accepted per diem
compensation on days when he was not in Olympia and missed a total of 94 votes,
one of the worst attendance records in the Legislature. Rep. Tom’s terrible
voting record is bad enough, but intentionally skipping days of work while
taking additional compensation, which is intended to be a reimbursement for
meals and lodging expenses while working, constitutes a serious breach of the
public trust and should be thoroughly investigated.

I love it, taking per diem when you aren't at work... Oh, but the press will probably spin it like this: Oh, he was a Republican then (even though he was voting like a Democrat), so it's clearly the Republican Party's fault for not policing him.